Freedom Flight
In Freedom Flight, Captain Roberts and his friends continue to be hunted by their enemies.  The Alliance has placed a bounty on him that few can resist, and the Crimson Tide, allied with the Alliance wants revenge for Captain Roberts interference.
Captain Roberts and his crew discover and explore a derelict Reptilian space fleet, or is it?
Why have giant spiders attacked a colony?
Who are the Vorg, and what makes them so different?
What are deevils and niffids?  Are they important?
Can Nathaniel claim any justice from the Alliance?
What makes Vamps so dangerous?  Ages ago, they were exiled and quarantined in a system, under a dark sun, and now?  They are not your ordinary vampire.
Is Hades everything that was promised to Red and his refugees, or is it truly hellish?
Find this out and a lot more as Captain Roberts flees the Human commonwealth and turns his attention to finding the star bridge.

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Price:  #2.99

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