Alliance Gold
Alliance Gold
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Alliance Gold  Space Rogue Captain Nathaniel Roberts, is about to get his new spaceship.  Problems with the ship’s avatar begin just before the christening ceremony.  Natasha the ships AI Avatar is making her Avatar behave strangely.
On the Persephone’s maiden voyage, Captain Roberts stumbles upon a hidden Alliance base.  After Doc and his team frees a freighter captain and crew, he discovers that the Alliance has a cache of treasure in a nearby system that is scheduled to be picked up soon, and transported back to the Alliance core worlds.  Nathaniel wants that treasure, and he needs to get there first to steal it from the Alliance.
The Alliance doesn’t want Nathaniel and his crew captured and enslaved any longer.  They have proven themselves to be to much of a pest, interfering in Alliance operations.  Now they want him dead.  The Alliance government placed a high price on Captain Robert’s head to make sure it happens.  This new bounty was issued before the Alliance even realized that they have been robbed.

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