Jay ToneyThe first book I purchased was Voyage into Nowhere by James Wood. This got me hooked on reading fiction. Later I read horror books about Dracula. I ventured to Science Fiction & Fantasy, reading books by Robert Heinlein, Jerry Pournelle, Piers Anthony, and many more.  I have read thousands of books, by various authors over the years.   
As well as becoming an avid reader, I was also enthused by aircraft. I joined the USAF at 17, and became an aircraft mechanic. I worked on the F-4 Phantom II, the T-38, the F-16, and the F-117A. I am a veteran of Desert Shield, and Desert Storm. I separated after 11 years with a knee injury. I couldn’t rely on my knee to give me the stability to walk on the odd angles and narrow ledges, of the aircraft I loved to work on any longer.
While in college, I use to torment my English teacher. I found out she had an avid fear of death, and turned and twisted all of my writing to that subject. Any thing she told me not to do I did, just to show her I could. I spent two semesters tormenting her, and got top grades and praises from her. While in college I found another passion. I loved ancient history, especially concerning long past civilizations.
After reading what must amount to be thousands of books, I decided to turn my hand to writing. I am working on my fourth novel, and enjoying every minute of it. I have Ideas for several adventures, an am eager to bring them to life. 

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