Space RogueSpace Rogue


Nathaniel and the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge leave Alliance space to start a new life. He wants the free life of being a pirate raiding rich colonies among the bordering star systems.
He clashes with the Crimson Tide, a pirate organization and stumbles on the Alliance's plans for conquest and expansion across their border and into the free border systems.
Nathaniel doesn't have any success at being a pirate but is successful as a reluctant hero. He rescues a freighter that is under attack. It's captain, Amber, and her brother Red, a mercenary and gunrunner, join forces with him against the Alliance and Crimson Tide.


Alliance GoldAlliance Gold

Space Pirate Nathaniel Roberts, is about to get his new starship, the Persephone.  The christening ceremony is tomorrow, but he can't wait.  Problems with the Ships Avatar begin just before the christening ceremony.  Natasha, the ship's AI, is making her Avatar behave strangely.

On the starship Persephone's maiden voyage, Captain Roberts stumbles upon a hidden Alliance base.  After Doc and his team frees a freighter captain and crew, he discovers that the Alliance has a cache of treasure in a nearby system that is scheduled to be picked up soon, and transported back to the Alliance core worlds.  Nathaniel wants that treasure, and he needs to get there first to steal it from the Alliance.

The Alliance doesn't want Nathaniel and his crew captured and enslaved any longer.  They have proven themselves to be too much of a pest, interfering in Alliance operations.  Now they want him dead.  The Alliance government placed a high price on Captain Robert's head to make sure it happens.  This new bounty was issued before the Alliance even realized that they have been robbed.


Freedom FlightFreedom Flight


Space Pirate Captain Roberts and the crew of the starship Persephone continue to be hunted by their enemies.  The Alliance has placed a bounty on him that few can resist, and the Crimson Tide allied with the Alliance wants Captain Roberts and his crew dead.
Captain Roberts and his crew discover and explore a derelict Reptilian space fleet, or is it?
Why have giant spiders attacked a colony?
Who are the Vorg, and what makes them so different?
What are deevils and niffids?  Are they important?
Can Nathaniel claim any justice from the Alliance?
What makes Vamps so dangerous?  Ages ago, they were exiled and quarantined in a system, under a dark sun, and now?  They are not your ordinary vampire.
Is Hades everything that was promised to Red and his refugees, or is it truly hellish, as its name implies?
Find this out and a lot more as Captain Roberts flees the Human Commonwealth and turns his attention to finding the star bridge.
Star Bridge Star Bridge



Captain Roberts has left the comfort of the Hades System. He is racing towards the Antares System and the Star Bridge. Only a few refugees were at Hell Station. Most went their own ways or settled on the system's planets.
Captain Roberts has come across some derelict ships that might help him build his fleet. First, he will have to deal with the sirens guarding the ships. He will also have to defeat slavers, who have taken an interest in his small fleet.
Persephone, his ship's AI is more than she thought. According to Astrea, she may even be a goddess. Nathaniel has also undergone some changes after visiting a system populated with cyborgs. He questions what he has become; is he still human, or has he become a machine.
The Ancient Greek Gods have taken an interest in him. They are watching him carefully, occasionally interfering, during his quest for the Star Bridge.

This chronicle in Nathaniel's life contains a prolog to bring the reader up to date, so the story may be read independently of the other books. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lost: No Return
Nathaniel Roberts and his fleet of ships made it through the wormhole, most of them anyways. They are without power and children are coming. Persephone believes babies magically appear in the arms of goddesses when it is time. No one, even her mother can convince her otherwise. Can it be true?
The first people the fleet meet are the Drax. Their species looks like a cross between a chameleon and a human. They are inhospitable and greedy. Given a chance, they would cheat anyone to get their gold. The Drax are overdue for a lesson in manners. Are Nathaniel and Persephone the right people to do it?
There is a gathering happening, and Nathaniel's fleet arrives just in time to register for the event. Leery after a recent battle, the fleet stays hidden in deep space doing repairs while Nathaniel and Persephone take their small fighter to the space station. It turns out that the gathering is a three-day slave auction and they are just in time.
Nathaniel believes that slavery is a just way for criminals to pay back society for their crimes. These prisoners are not guilty of any crime. They are victims; captured because they were unarmed and too weak to defend themselves.
The gods are involved in punishing the slave traders. They give Nathaniel the means to end the slave trade, but the decision is up to him.
The fleet has finally found the Alliance and the Crimson tide. It will be the biggest battle yet. Nathaniel is the recipient of bad news. News, he wasn't ready to accept. He will never find Earth if he continues to follow the same path. Nathaniel must find another way.
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Homeward Bound
Doc Roberts: Space Pirate